Workshop “Fight against counterfeiting in Paraguay”

On July 20, 2018 our firm’s Criminal Law/ Enforcement Department hosted a Workshop “Fight Against Counterfeiting in Paraguay” for the representatives of the public sector.  Therefore, we updated information regarding to the issues of counterfeiting and piracy in our country, as well as training opportunities related to it.

The Workshop consisted in the exposition of emblematic cases by the Prosecutor of the Specialized Unit of Intellectual Property Mrs. Carmen Cattoni, and by the Chief of the Specialized Department against the violence of Intellectual Property Mr. Rodolfo Santacruz. The representatives of the trademarks Philip Morris, Hyundai, Kia, Apple, Beats, Eli Lily and Company, Club Olimpia, and Rolex, presented the legal and technical situation of their corresponding trademarks in Paraguay, and in general terms around the world.

The main objectives of this Workshop were: To raise awareness on the scope of the counterfeiting problem, as well as the economic and social impact that these activities have in Paraguay; To build a scenario for the brand’s owner to showcase the counterfeited products of their brands, and show how to recognize the originals; To illustrate common pitfalls during both the criminal investigation and the judicial trial.

An audience of approximately 65 people attended the workshop, among Prosecutors of the Specialized Unit of Intellectual Property and their representatives, Prosecutors of the Specialized Unit Against Smuggling and their representatives, representatives of the TM Office (DINAPI), representatives of the Customs Office, representatives of the Administrative Coordination of Customs Investigation (CAIA), representatives of courtrooms specialized in Economic Crimes of Asuncion City, and representatives of the National Police Specialized Department against the violence of Intellectual Property.