Labor Law and Social Security


Due to the constant changes in labor regulations, it is essential to have specialists who protect labor interests of companies and their workers. Updating legal requirements in labor matters is important for developing and optimizing business activities.

BKM | Berkemeyer provides dynamic and innovative legal-labor advice in accordance with the changes taking place in the ​​human resources area. A preventive policy is fundamental in our assistance, thus avoiding possible legal actions that would place the company’s heritage and prestige at risk.

BKM | Berkemeyer has a team of professionals specialized in labor law providing advice that guarantees the company compliance with institutional objectives in the administrative, financial and human resources areas.

| Labor advice

| Labor organization

| Labor checking “Due diligence”

| Expatriation and Immigration

| Business restructuring

| Service outsourcing processes


BKM has extensive experience in advising clients on labor matters.