After a process that started in November of the year 2019, Paraguay has approved the evaluation made by the Group of Financial Action of Latin America (GAFILAT).

Specifically, on November 18, 2019, the Paraguayan authorities of the System ALA/CFT (that is to say SEPRELAD), received the visit from the authorities of the GAFILAT; when the beginning of the process of evaluation of the country was formalized, with the delivery of the questionnaire of technical compliance and effectiveness, to be filled by Paraguay.

Some of the actions that the country had to carry out for the mentioned approval consist in the approval of a package of laws that may allow to comply with all the parameters of the standard GAFI, among them, the legal framework by which it was successfully implemented the registrar of legal people and final beneficiary and it was carried out the national coordination of the System ALA/CFT, through the appointment of the Technical coordination of SEPRELAD, among others.

The importance of the approval of the evaluation in question lays in the fact that, with it, the country avoids entering the Gray List and it stays well positioned in the international community.

GAFILAT is an intergovernmental organization of regional base that is made of 18 countries from South America, Central America and North America.  The GAFILAT was created in order to prevent and to fight the laundering of assets, financing of terrorism and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, through the compromise of continuous improvement of national policies against these flagellum and the deepening in the different mechanisms of cooperation between the country members.