Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings or Partners’ Meetings – IDU

The month of April is a month with great relevance for the compliance of corporative and tax obligations, since the corporations must decide in their Shareholders’ Meetings or Partners’ Meetings on the distribution of profits, which could give a starting point to the obligation to pay Taxes on the Dividends and Profits (IDU). This obligation also reached the Consortiums of Public Works and the Single Person Ownership Companies.

In effect, for the limited liability companies, the month of April is the last month to carry out the Ordinary Annual Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings, in order to deal with the results the previous year and, the destination that they will give to such profits.

Also, for the companies with limited responsibility (SRLs), for the consortiums of public work and the Single Person Ownership Companies there are legal assumptions that may force them to pay the IDU in the month of May, even if there is no intention to distribute dividends.

For that reason, in order to avoid legal contingencies and to optimize the tax results, it is very important to clearly write the Minutes of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings in the case of limited liability companies, as well as the capable document for an SRL, Consortiums and Single Person Ownership Companies.

In BKM | Berkemeyer we have vast experience and specialized professionals, as much in limited liability company matters as in tax matters, in order to advise them in binding decisions, to shape them in demanded legal documents, and finally, to make the communications and records before the different authorities and within the legal deadlines, and with that to avoid the imposition of fines, causing damages to the company.

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