MOPC arranges an International Public Tender for an estimated amount of USD 39.605.839,42 for the asphalt paving of the section KIMEX – KRESSBURGO – CARLOS ANTONIO LOPEZ Crossing (VII Department of Itapúa) financed by the Inter-American Development Bank

The Republic of Paraguay has received a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to finance the cost of the ROAD CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENT AND CONSERVATION PROGRAM (PR-L1105) – Loan Agreement 3837/OC-PR, approved by Law No. 6236/18, up to an amount of US$ 90.000.000

The execution and administration of the Program is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) through the MOPC Project Execution Unit (UEP MOPC), coordination of the Program is carried out by the Management of Road Projects (GPV).

In the framework of this program, the paving of several sections is planned, distributed in two lots:

LOT 1: Kimex – Kressburgo Crossing (PROGRESSIVE 0+180 TO PROGRESSIVE 27+580) 27.40 km – The Estimated Value of the Works is PYG, taxes included.

LOT 2: Kressburgo – Carlos Antonio López (PROGRESSIVE 27+580 TO PROGRESSIVE 57+400) 29.82 km – The Estimated Value of the Works is PYG, taxes included.

Estimated Total Value of the Works: PYG, taxes included. This value does NOT include the amounts established as PROVISIONAL SUM.

As a Provisional Sum, Compensation for expropriation of real estate and/or Improvements to be destroyed must be included entirely in local currency according to the lot that is offered. Fees and Expenses of the Conciliator for a total of PYG

Consequently, the Offer Price and the Contract Amount constitute the Value of the Works + Provisional Sum.

The award system is by Lot and payment of a financial advance of 15% is expected.

National or foreign companies, individually or in consortium, that have at least 5 years of experience in the execution of road works contracts as main Contractor, member of a joint venture or Subcontractor, may submit to the tender.

They must be from countries that are Bank members according to the list of “IDB eligible countries” and without any type of sanction, suspension or disqualification imposed by the Bank, this restriction applies to subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, manufacturers or service providers that intervene in any section of the Contract.

Subcontracting of companies is admitted whenever the accumulated value of the subcontracted works does not exceed 40% (forty percent) of the total amount of the contract. It should be noted that, in each case, the contracting party will verify that the company proposed as Subcontractor is not participating as such in more than one lot of this Tender.

The expected date of completion of the works is 24 months following the date of recipt of the Start Order.

The Offer Delivery Date is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2022 at the main offices of the MOPC.

For more information, please contact: Dahiana Acosta and/or Martin Carlevaro