Lifting of sanitary measures in connection to COVID-19

On February 22, 2022, the Executive Branch announced that the sanitary measures provided through Decree No. 6563,  “By which specific measures are established within the framework of the plan for the gradual lifting of general preventive isolation in the territory due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).” are no longer in force.

Therefore, the government measures and restrictions related to the following activities are now left without effect:

  • Businesses, industries, work centers and corporate offices
  • Food premises
  • Educational institutions
  • Activities related to social, cultural, sports, religious fields and events for children
  • Funeral and memorial services
  • Visits to inmates at Penitentiary Centers

The lifting is determined as a consequence of the evolution of the pandemic which, in the understanding of the Government, allows reestablishment of the normal development of commercial, educational and social activities.

The only sanitary measures that remain in force are: the mandatory use of masks in closed and open places where it is not possible to maintain a minimum two-meters distance between attendants, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6699/2020, and presenting a Covid-19 Vaccination Card for entering the country