Legal alert – Updating the registries of legal people and final beneficiaries

BKM | Berkemeyer remembers that, until the 30 of June of 2021 all the legal persons (churches, universities, associations, foundations, credit-unions, limited liability companies, of limited responsibility, branches, companies by simplified actions, etc.) and the legal structures (trust funds and patrimonial investment funds) must update and/or confirm the data declared in the Administrative Registry of People and Legal Structures and in the Registry of Final Beneficiaries. 

The lack of update in due time and form can generate fines of between 50 and 500 daily minimum wages (between PYG 4,217,000 and PYG 42,170,000), to be applied in the future.

In case you need assistance with this proceeding, the professionals from BKM|Berkemeyer can assist you with much pleasure.