Mr. Arnoldo Wiens, Minister of Public Works, has spoken to the media to disclose details on boosting public investment in infrastructure, focusing mainly in the economic reactivation of Paraguay after the adverse effects caused by the pandemic.

The challenge will be approached through investment in public works and infrastructure under different contracting modalities. Said plan of approximately USD 1.8 billion, was considered by the National Economic Team and is already on its way to final approval. It should be noted that some of the projects do not yet have a source of finance, and it will be up to the Ministry of Finance to obtain them. A total of 9,650 jobs are estimated to be created. Some of the works to be carried out by the MOPC are the following:

ProjectKm.Amount (USD)Sources of finance
Construction – Paving of Puerto Indio Route 60103.056.820CAF approved credit
Duplication of the Remanso Ruta N° 9 – Puerto Falcon stretch1937.644.790FONPLATA loan and State counterpart
Construction of Road Accesses to the International Bridge over the Paraná River, between Presidente Franco and Foz de Iguazu, Brazil (“Integracion” Bridge)37212.000.000CAF approved credit
Improvement and maintenance of the agro-industrial corridor located in the Western Region (Milk Road OCC)190194.000.000BID Loan
Improvement and maintenance of the agro-industrial corridor located in the Eastern Region (San Pedro)8073.500.000BID Loan
Paving of the Centinela – Mariscal Estigarribia – Pozo Hondo stretch (Stretch 3)220360.296.880The Bioceanic Corridor would be tendered by the turnkey law 5074 (“DBF”)
Duplication of the Silvio Pettirossi Airport Roundabout – Route PY03 Junction stretch9,716.000.000No source of financing yet. Ministry of Treasury in charge of procuring the resources.
Improvement of the Pedro J Caballero – Cap. Bado – Ypejhu (Sovereignty Route) stretch193,44220.000.000Financing is planned through FONPLATA
Improvement of the PY12 Route162200.000.000BID Loan
Concepcion´s waterfront avenue835.000.000No source of financing yet
Overpass (Bus Station of Asuncion)8,4412.500.000No source of financing yet.
PTAR Monday watershedN/A200.000.000BID and JICA
PTAR Lambare watershedN/A165.000.000No source of financing yet

Also, a list of large projects financed by private contractor is attached, they are to be tendered by the Government during this and next year, through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Turnkey (design, construction and financing) modalities.

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