Electronic Filings for Trademark Registrations and Renewals

In line with other successful governmental measures against the outspread of COVID-19 in Paraguay, the local Trademark Office has set up a new e-filing system for trademark registrations and renewals, which is being implemented since mid-April through a Decree.

The TMO had been working on making e-filing a reality in our country for a long time since one of their goals was to achieve a paperless working environment. Once the quarantine measures started in our country, the IT team at the TMO doubled their efforts and was able to successfully deliver the SPRINT – SFE system. This system allows trademark agents submit registrations and renewals with their digital signature, while settling the fees for trademark applications. Further on, filing receipts are received by email.

The Decree implementing the e-filing system also set forth a phasing out period of 30 days for paper applications. After this term, all trademark registration and renewal filings in Paraguay will be electronic.

They are working on optimizing the e-filing system, and adding more tools, so that all submissions can be made electronically in the future. E-filings for registrations and renewals are a significant steppingstone for a more efficient workflow which should result in a swifter process benefiting applicants and TM Officers alike.