Dinapi issues the first certificate of registration of a Designation of Origin

The National Directorate of Intellectual Property issued the first certificate of registration for a designation of origin (DO) to the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne, a French commercial organization engaged in developing one of the most important wine industries in the world. It is the first application that concludes the entire preliminary recognition and registration process established in Law 4923/2013, regulated in 2019 through Executive Branch Decree No. 1286.

Designations of origin are geographical names or traditional designations (of countries or regions) used to indicate products whose specific qualities or characteristics are directly related to the geographical environment of their production.

In the case of Champagne, the committee that receives the certificate brings together around 16,000 vignerons (winegrowers) and 320 maisons (houses) from the Champagne region – France, who work for the benefit of vineyards and wines, through economic, technical, environmental, qualitative progress, organization of sectors, communication, development of notoriety and protection of the designation of origin (DO) actions worldwide, according to information highlighted on its website www.champagne.fr/en/main-page

Paraguay has in place specific legislation on the matter since 2013, including the submission of applications for preliminary recognition and subsequent registration of geographical indications and designations of origin and, since its regulation in February 2019, DINAPI has launched campaigns for the promotion and dissemination of this IP tool in different places of the country where there may be products that could fall under this protection. Thus, currently the AO POI from Yataity has preliminary recognition for designation of origin (DO)

According to current national regulations, the AO POI from Yataity will acquire, through the DO registration, a protection that will allow the regulatory committee to take the necessary actions, besides granting it added value at national and international levels.

The Act was attended by Berta Dávalos Julián, Lawyer, Deputy General Director; Patricia Schembori, Lawyer, Director of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin; and Jenny Avalos, Lawyer, representing Law Firm Berkemeyer on behalf of the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne.