Tax measures taken by the Executive Power and the Tax Administration in context of containment actions undertaken regarding COVID-19

In accordance with health measures adopted by the Executive Power and the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread and infection of Covid-19, the Tax Administration (Subsecretaría de Tributación “SET”) took, to this date, the following measures outlined in Decree No. 3457/20, and RG No. 43/20, 44/20, and 45/20: 

i. Exceptional regime of payment facilities for Personal Income Tax (IRP): initial delivery of 20% and 5 monthly installments without interests.

ii. Certificates of Tax Compliance issued from March 16th 2020, and until June 30th 2020, will be valid through 90 days. 

iii. Until June 30th 2020, no sanction will be applied for the contravention of non-compliance of formal duties.

vi. The term for the presentation of Purchases and Sales Ledgers “Hechauka” for the months of March, April, and May of 2020 and, will be reorganized and the final date for presentation will be known in June of the current year.

v. Taxpayers that require urgent procedures must submit their files by sending the relevant notes and documents by email at the following email addresses (taxpayer’s name or company name, RUC, step reference and other usuals must be mentioned):

On the same day, the SET will issue the receipt of the generated file and tracking of the operation will be possible through the SET website  and/or by phone to 021 417-7013/14.

vi. Postponement until November  2020 of the due date of the obligation for presentation of the external tax audit reports corresponding to the fiscal year 2019.

Likewise, the government announced the following measures:

  • Payment facilities for Iracis and Iragro for fiscal year 2019 due in the following weeks. 
  • Deference of due dates of Presumptive tax on corporate income (IRE) advances.
  • VAT reduction to 5% for healthcare supplies.

The Executive Power is currently analyzing other tax measures, that could be applied progressively.