BKM provided legal advice to the Indian firm Bajaj (Worldwide major motorbikes manufacturer) in the expansion of their business into Paraguay.

BKM BERKEMEYER provided legal advice to the Indian firm Bajaj in their expansion of business into Paraguay, offering support in the process of unloading of goods in Paraguay, identifying and negotiating with their local strategic partner, advising on regulatory matters, and the legal and contractual structuring of the business in the country.

The offered counseling included analysis and interpretation of the applicable regulation to the business (Law No. 4838 National Automotive Policy PAN), which specially focuses on the processing of motorcycles, application of the Distribution Law (No. 194/93), which regulates the legal regime of contractual relations between foreign manufacturers and companies and natural and legal persons domiciled in Paraguay, identification of legal risks, and due diligence for the business’ implementation.

Furthermore, BKM took part in the negotiation and drafting of the distribution agreement with the local firm Asunción Motor Sport S.A. (AMS), member of JBB group.

The counseling was conducted jointly with an Argentinian firm, First Corporate Advisors S.A., which is dedicated to offering corporate and financial services.

According to recently published statements by Eng. Jose Ayala, general manager of AMS S.A., the Bajaj brand has ample experience working to develop high-end technology, delivering quality products, under the highest safety and innovation standards, and in competitive prices globally.[1]

The counselors were BKM partners Drs. Jose Figueredo Klein and Martin Carlevaro.

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