COVID-19 Paraguay - Articles | Guides to laws and regulations
Our current focus and mission at BKM is to keep you informed as news about COVID-19 continues to evolve in the legal scope.

Impact of COVID-19 spread on contract fulfilments

The Government of Paraguay has taken a number of actions over the risk of the COVID-19 spread on the national territory, by issuing resolutions and decrees with direct impact in social, legal and financial fields. On March 26, 2020, Law No. 6524 was enacted, “declares Emergency throughout the entire territory

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Emergency law over the COVID-19 pandemic

The Executive Branch (“EB”) enacted Law No. 6524/20 (the “Law”) on March 26 2020, after two marathon days for debate and approval at the National Congress, declaring emergency throughout the country for year 2020 over the Covid-19 pandemic and establishing administrative, labor, corporate, fiscal and financial measures. Basically, this Law grants broad

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New transitional tax measures – COVID 19

In context of the health emergency, the Tax Administration laid out until June 30th 2020, (RG No. 47/20) the following administrative measures: For acquisition and/or renovation of credits from financial brokers and/or cooperatives, it will be mandatory the presentation of a certificate of tax compliance or proof of not being

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