The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay (MOPC) and the Ministry of Finance are planning a proposal for the duplication, operation and maintenance of 29 road sections of national and interdepartmental routes, to be implemented under the “Concession of Public Works and Services” regime set by Law No. 1,618/2000.

Implementation of this modality allows the concessionaire, prior to bidding and signing of the concession contract, the award and commitment to provide the service or carry out the work at its own risk and expense, including the construction, improvement, rehabilitation, repair or maintenance of a work and its operation or exploitation according to the terms of the respective contract.

The concession term of the public work or service by virtue of this law may not exceed thirty years; said term is counted from the day following the signing of the concession contract.


1) PY01 Section: Quiindy – Coronel Bogado – Encarnación.

2) San Lorenzo – Itá (former Route 1) Section.

3) Interdepartmental route section: Itauguá – Hospital Nacional – Itá.

4) PY03 Section: Limpio – Arroyos and Esteros – San Estanislao – Arroyo Tapiracuai Roundabout – Calle 6.000 Roundabout.

5) PY03 Section: Curuguaty – Katueté – Salto del Guairá.

6) PY04 Section: San Ignacio – Pilar.

7) PY05 Section: Concepción – Yby Yaú – Pedro Juan Caballero – Acceso Bella Vista Norte.

8) PY05 Section: Concepción – Pozo Colorado.

9) PY06 Section: Minga Guazú – Encarnación.

10) PY07 Section: Route Junction PY06 Capitán Meza – Natalio – Cedrales.

11) PY07 Section: Ciudad del Este (km 4) – Hernandarias – Cruce Carolina (Katueté).

12) PY08 Section: Calle 6.000 Roundabout – Azotey – Yby Yaú.

13) PY08 Section Calle 6.000 – Coronel Oviedo – Villarrica – Caazapá – Coronel Bogado.

14) PY09 Section: Falcon Port – Cerrito.

15) PY09 Section: Cerrito – Pozo Colorado.

16) PY09 Section: Pozo Colorado – Cruce Pioneros.

17) PY09 Section: Pioneros Crossing – Mariscal Estigarribia.

18) PY09 Section: Mariscal Estigarribia – La Patria – Infante Rivarola Junction.

19) PY10 Section: Route Junction PY06 – Naranjal – San Cristóbal – Junction Abaí – Tuna – Paso Yobái – Colonia Independencia – Mbocayaty Crossing.

20) PY10 Section: Paraguarí – Tebicuary – Villarrica.

21) PY11 Section: Santa Rosa del Aguaray – San Pedro del Ycuamandiyú – Puerto Antequera – Capitán Bado.

22) PY13 Section: Caaguazú – Yhú – Route Junction PY03 (former Route N°10) – Curuguaty – Ypehú.

23) PY15 Section: Carmelo Peralta – Loma Plata.

24) PY15 Section: Centinela Crossing – Mariscal Estigarribia – Pozo Hondo.

25) PY18 Section: Ñumi – San Juan Nepomuceno – Route Junction PY06.

26) PY19 Section: Villeta Crossing – Alberdi – Pilar.

27) PY22 Section: Rosario Port – R. A° Tapiracuai and PY03 Section: Calle 6.000 – Curuguaty.

28) PY22 Section: Rosario Port – Volendam – Yacaré Ñe’e Crossing – Belén – Concepción.

29) PY22 Section: Concepción – Vallemí – San Lázaro and Puerto Río Apa.

The MOPC stated: “This initiative is intended to reduce the tax burden in the current economic context, which will allow the reallocation of resources to other State needs, increasing efficiency in the maintenance of routes and other required services, due to the experience and management of the private sector, which will bring the risk to such sector ”[1].

Currently, the proposal is at the Ministry of Finance for subsequent referral to the Executive Branch, who in turn will submit the bill to the National Congress for enacting the law approving said concessions.

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