The National Electricity Administration (“ANDE”) will launch next April a bid for the construction of the 500 kV Yguazu – Valenzuela transmission line and expansion of the Yguazu substation (the “Project”). This Project is part of the Master Plan for transmission, distribution, and information and communication technology in the short and medium term for the period 2021 – 2030 prepared by ANDE and approved by Decree No. 5283 by the Executive Branch dated May 17, 2021.

The Project includes the construction of the 500 kV double circuit high voltage transmission line, which includes the supply and installation of both transmission line circuits and foreseeing the energization of one of them. It also includes the expansion of the Yguazu substation, which entails the construction of a line outlet position, with the one and a half breaker scheme, relay booths and necessary complementary works.

The Project’s Bid includes supply of equipment and materials, executive project, construction of civil works, electromechanical and electrical assemblies, start-up, as well as supply of special tools, training for operation, corrective and preventive maintenance.

Detailed information on the Project to be tendered is as follows:

Extension: 210 km of transmission line

Voltage: 500kV

Capacity: 2000MVA

Territory: Yguazú-Valenzuela

Approximate amount: USD 116 million

Funding Source: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Estimated date for delivery of offers: 06/2022

In addition to this Project, ANDE has been communalizing with municipal authorities and civil organizations a project for the construction of a 220 kV transmission line that will go from the Villa Hayes substation to the Villa Real substation in Concepción and from there to Loma Plata, running through Pozo Colorado. Besides all this, a substation in Pozo Colorado is also planned to be built.

These works, which are also part of the ANDE 2030 Master Plan, will require an approximate investment of USD 126 million, and funding by the State Development Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany (KfW) and the FONPLATA Development Bank.

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