ANDE publishes a call for International Public Tender (LPI) for the construction of Substations Transformer and Transmission Lines of electrical energy

Recently, it was published in the Portal of the National Direction of Public Acquisitions (DNCP) the call for International Public Tender 1561/2020 that has as a Contracting Party the National Administration of Electricity (ANDE) for the construction and interconnection of the Substation Valenzuela in 500 kV (ID 385623).

The project is divided in 2 lots:

I) Lot 1 includes the construction of the Substation Valenzuela 500 kV and the sectioning lines in 500 kV and 220 kV and the estimated amount for this Lot is USD 95,830,888

The substation of Valenzuela will be located in the Eastern Region of Paraguay, in the border of the Departments of Cordillera and Caaguazú, Central-Eastern region of the country, and its construction has the intention to comply with the requirements of the electrical system for the sectioning of the Transmission Line 500 KV Ayolas – Villa Hayes and sectioning of the TL 220 kV Colonel Oviedo – San Lorenzo – Single Circuit Line, and Coronel Oviedo – Guarambaré – Double Circuit Line in the Substation Valenzuela.

II) Lot 2 includes the construction of the substation San José de los Arroyos 66/23 kV and the Transmission Line 66 kV Valenzuela – San José de los Arroyos and the estimated amount for this is USD 7,169,112.

The substation of San Jose de los Arroyos shall also be located in the Eastern Region of Paraguay, in the Department of Caaguazú, Central–Eastern region of the country, 102 km from the city of Asunción and connected by the Nacional Route PY02 and its construction arose from the need to extend and to reinforce the requirements of distribution of the electrical system of the city of San José de los Arroyos.

The Public Tender considers the project, detail engineering and the final design, that includes the supply of goods (equipment and materials), the execution of the works and the commissioning of both Lots.

Next, the main data of the project:

Total estimated amount of the Project:   USD 103,000,000.-

Date of presentation of the Bids:  April 30, 2021

Deadline for consultations:  April 23, 2021

Source of financing:  Financial Funds for the Development of the Plata Basin (FONPLATA) and the resources of their own of ANDE.

System of awarding:   by Lot.

Subcontracting:  it is admitted subcontracting the portion corresponding to the works up to a maximum of 40% of the total amount of the works of the contract, subject to the authorization of the contracting party.


Deadline for construction:   26 months from the subscription of the contract.

Scope:  The scope of the works of the contractor includes the design and construction and it does not include the operation and maintenance, even though it does include the obligation to provide spare parts for a period of 10 years.

Regime of Acquisition: International Public Tender governed by the Law N° 6493/2020 through which it is approved the Contract of the Loan PAR 26/2018 subscribed between ANDE and FONPLATA and the Contract of Guarantee between the Republic of Paraguay represented by the Ministry of Economics and FONPLATA for the financing of the “PROJECT OF CONSTRUCTION OF SUBSTATION TRANSFORMER AND TRANSMISSION LINES OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY IN LOCALITY OF VALENZUELA;” and it is extended the GENERAL BUDGET OF THE NATION FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2019.

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