ANDE calls for an International Public Tender amounting approx. US$ 56,117,570.00, for the improvement and reinforcement of the distribution system at the Metropolitan area, in districts of the Central department, including total provision of materials – Phase II with funding by the European Bank of Investments (EIB). ID No. 399320.

The European Investment Bank in its capacity as “Lender” together with ANDE in its capacity as “Borrower” have signed a cooperation agreement for the financing of works to be developed within the framework of the ELECTRICITY TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FOR THE METROPOLITAN SYSTEM OF PARAGUAY (PHASE II)

The works will be carried out in three lots. The reference amount per lot is distributed as follows:

Lot 1: Limpio Distribution Center (LIM) for a value of US$ 19,773,705.00

Lot 2: Capiatá Distribution Center (CAP) for a value of US$ 16,493,799.00

Lot: 3 San Antonio – Viñas Cué Distribution Center (SAN) for a value of US$ 19,850,066.00

An advance payment of 20% of the amount of the contract is expected.

Companies from any country in the world may participate in this tender as established in section V – Eligible Countries, being these national or foreign legal entities, individually or in consortium. Participation in all lots is not restricted, bidders may be awarded in more than one lot as long as they meet the required experience in construction of civil works and tasks in connection to medium and low voltage lines.

The subcontracting of companies is allowed with the prior approval of the Contracting Party, which must also prove the experience and capacity requested to the bidder.

For all lots, the execution of medium voltage works (construction and change to protected conductor), low voltage works (construction and change of pre-assembled conductor), reinforcements in transformation stations and the adaptation and application of underground outlets is required, metrics of the mentioned works vary according to the lots.

The execution period for all the lots is 36 months, including the commissioning of all the facilities.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022, is marked as the deadline for inquiries and delivery date for offers is scheduled Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at ANDE’ main offices.

For more information contact: Dahiana Acosta and/or Martin Carlevaro