Significant and unprecedented ruling in the fight against piracy

On September 23, through oral and public trial proceedings, a sentence of 2 years and 6 months of imprisonment was imposed to the owner of a Distribution point for the criminal act of counterfeiting OMO products as Perpetrator.

Federico Huttemann, Jorge Kronawetter, Enrique Guerrero, Enrique Kronawetter and Martín Romero, Attorneys at Law, representing UNILEVER DE PARAGUAY S.A. promoted the investigation, trial and conviction of the person responsible for the crime.

It should be noted that this resolution constitutes an extremely important and unprecedented fact in the Criminal Justice of our country, since investigations of this type of criminal acts usually end through agreements on remedies or abbreviated trials.

The convicted person was declared perpetrator of the criminal act of infringing trademark law and judged for the same, therefore, from that moment his criminal record will reflect said conviction.

In this case, our action not only achieved the application of a prison sentence of two years and six months to the person responsible, but also the obligation to publish the sentence in a widely circulated newspaper, a provision that contributed to communicating consumers in general about the fight against piracy carried out by our client.