Resolution MTESS 623/2021

Considering the currently implemented vaccination plan against COVID-19 and bearing in mind the massive unattendance of people over 75 years old, the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Security (MTESS) has issued a resolution (Resolution MTESS 623/2021) to anticipate the absence of workers at work on their vaccination day. Said Resolution establishes an exceptional leave of absence due to COVID vaccination for workers from the private sector or for the same to take elderly dependent family members.

This leave of absence, which is PAID, is included in article 62 of the Paraguayan Labor Code, subsection h), which provides that it is the employer’s obligation to grant authorization to the worker in order for this to meet personal duties set by law or Government regulations, but on the other hand the employer is not obliged to recognize more than two paid days per calendar month, and in no case more than fifteen days per year, for said purpose.

To obtain authorization for the mentioned leave of absence, the employee must deliver a written request to the employer, who must respond in writing and, within the following 30 days, notify the Employee Registration Directorate from the MTESS.